Welcome to Melissa Cade's website!

As I start a new chapter in my life, I'm so excited to share more of myself with the community. 

I have been intending to do more writing, and definitely wanting to update my website for the upcoming holidays. with blogs and posted writings.

First off, I would like to thank my brother, Chris Cade, for not only providing me the opportunity to create this website, but also for inspiring me to follow through with the actual steps it is going to take to reach my goals and achieve some progress with the various projects and things that I'm interested in pursuing, such as writing.  Chris created a program called "Inscribe Your Life" which is a self-exploratory guide to creating candid ways to transcribe the various transformational experiences that we have in our lives.

This workbook really encouraged me to step out of the trap that many of us are in...thinking to ourselves.. "I'm just not a writer."  I have been journaling for years, but I've never written with the intention of sharing it with anybody.  It was never smooth or gramatically correct.

Nonetheless, I love to talk, bounce ideas of one another, and share my experiences.  Writing in my journal has been the best outlet thato help me release and process my thoughts and emotions without talking someone's ear off.  Sometimes I dont want to talk to anyone about the things that I write, and it becomes the conflict within myself about what I keep private and what I share.  I regard it like praying on paper, the way we seek out having a relationship with God, journaling helps me keep a deeper relationship, with myself.

I have always been a very open person, so I am exposing myself and my experiences for the hopes that it will postitively affect someone, somewhere.  I want people to feel like they know me, my experiences have made me who I have become, and I can only hope that my story, will one day inspire someone else, just as other authors have done for myself.

With Compassion,